Car Loans with Bad Credit

How to Get Car Loans with Bad Credit

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If you are someone who has bad credit but who also needs to purchase a vehicle, you might have found that finding car loans is a whole lot harder than it is for someone who has a good credit score. Even though it’s true that having bad credit can get in the way of you getting some types of car loans, it does not mean that you can’t get a car. These are a few tips that can help you secure a loan regardless of your credit score.

Ask Someone to Co-Sign

If you can find someone who is willing to co-sign with you, you might find that you will be able to qualify for lots of Car Loans at Stratton Finance. Of course, this person is going to have to have good credit, and even if you are the one who will be making the payments, your co-signer will also probably have to have a sufficient income. Before asking someone to co-sign with you when you apply for car loans, however, it is important to make sure that you will pay the loan on time. Otherwise, you could cause your co-signer’s credit score to drop.

Save Up a Big Down Payment

Even if you don’t have a co-signer, you might find that you will qualify for more car loans with bad credit if you save up a big down payment. After all, this helps reduce the amount that you will actually have to get approved for. Plus, it can help show the lender that you are invested in the purchase and that you are financially responsible enough to save money.

Look for the Right Lender

Some companies that offer car loans specialize in offering low interest rates to people who have good credit. These lenders might not be interested in working with you if you have a low credit score. Other companies, however, specialize in helping people with bad credit to secure car loans. If you can find one of these companies, then you can help increase your chances of getting approved.

Bring in Ample Proof

Someone who has good credit might be able to get a loan by simply signing his or her name. If you have bad credit, however, you will probably need to bring in more evidence of your income and ability to pay. Providing paycheck stubs, references and more might help.

As you can see, it is still possible to get approved for an auto loan with bad credit. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that you get approved for the loan that you need.

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